I write today as a president for Minority Forum Christian development Organization, from Italy. I have a great concern about my father’s vision,
“Speak for them who can’t speak for themselves.”
We as an organization are working for the betterment of the voiceless people in Pakistan, especially the religious minorities. The religious minorities are suffering through many discriminatory behaviors by the Muslim majorities, as the discrimination starts from the laps of mothers. Our one of great focus is to fight against, “Discrimination”, about religion, cast, color & creed.
The recent crisis in northern areas of Pakistan Intensified attacks by the armed group TTP ( Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan) leave civilians, including children, facing war crimes and other mass atrocities. TTP has killed thousands of people since the start of the violent insurgency in 2006. According to the Reports more than seventy five thousands Pakistani’s including our security forces has been martyrs , more than 1.5 million people have been internally displaced since the beginning of the state of emergency in the northeast in May 2013, and the number keeps growing as the violence continues unabated. Pakistani security forces consistently started operations against terrorist and they got remarkable success to eliminate terrorists. While we acknowledge the importance of an effective response to terrorism, our organizations wish to emphasize that respect for human rights is instrumental to successfully defeating this threat.
To work for the Promotion & Protection of Human Rights.
To establish Global Peace & Interfaith Harmony.
Health (Mother& Child)
Education for all.
Establishment of Old homes & Shelter Houses for homeless.
We being as an organization (non profit), are working hard to facilitate the poor people of Pakistan. Working for such noble causes we often face lack of funds & less support. I being a President of Minority Forum Christian Development, request you to look forward & stand with us to fulfill our global mission for the betterment of voiceless minorities in Pakistan.
I can see great a change with your small support, be the part of our mission.
Yours truly,
Victor Simon Peter,
For,Minority Forum Christian Development Organization, Florence, Italy.

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