Message of President

Dear friends & colleagues, I warmly welcome you in Minority Forum – A Christian Development Organization’s family, I can wish you all a very happy, healthy & a prosperous future.
I am deeply grateful to my central executive committee, members & all our well-wishers & inspired by your commitment to the Minority Forum, and all your achievements are the results of your commitments, hard work & dedication towards your passion to serve humanity by focusing on our slogan , ” Speak for them who can’t speak for themselves.” Minority Forum has been propelled collectively by the individuals & CEC. Here I would like to share the vision of my late father, Dr. Eric Simon Peter (Late 1949 – 2002) , who was the founder & first chairperson of Minority Forum- A Christian Development Organization, “ Speak for them who can’t speak for themselves.” His vision and dedication to serve the community for the purpose to develop & promote basic human rights as well as establishment of human beings in Pakistan.
As we are South-Asian under-crisis and essentially conviction that every human being, even the poor and illiterate or people living in remote areas, is worthwhile to invest in and that every person is able to make a decent living. As a system based on trust rather than certainties, It is a valuable and proven instrument to better the livelihoods of the poor. Minority Forum, is planned to achieve the Millennium Development on the behalf of the underprivileged communities residing in Pakistan besides, it gives opportunities for the poor communities towards increase their income and develop their capacities and improve their well-being. We focus to our visionary Goal with statement to serve differently.
We are engage to leap forward at every village of the Gujranwala surrounding area, District level as well as Punjab. We have capacity to stand with our urban and rural community by their future plan and earn their future sparks with developing skill is, model-role of the Pakistan. We promote Peace and Harmony, no flesh and blood by the brother-hood of the man-kind. We appeal to all Human beings with innovative theme.
To achieve our goals in the field of child welfare , youth welfare, women’s welfare, social education that is , education of adults aimed at developing sense of civic responsibility, welfare and rehabilitation of released prisoners, welfare of the beggars and destitute & training in social work. For this Nobel work we are in coordination with the related welfare agencies.
A call to action by increasing expertise, we increase the capacity to meet the challenges of this global concerns with humanity, Human Rights is another global challenge. Minority Forum – A Christian Development Organization, believed to work for the Protection & Promotion of Human Rights. Human rights problems included poor prison conditions, arbitrary detention, lengthy pretrial detention, a weak criminal justice system, lack of judicial independence in the lower courts, and infringement on citizens’ privacy rights. Harassment of journalists, censorship, and self-censorship continued in Pakistan. Minority Forum is positioned to continue to address these issues, training, education, outreach, and advocacy needs in collaboration with its member societies and partners around the world. Forward to welcoming you to the Minority Forum. Dear colleagues and friends around the world let us reflect on our shared responsibilities toward society, at the grassroots level, and together let us fulfill this dream. The Minority Forum, Central Executive Committee, Board of Governors and I look forward to welcome our all members for their untiring efforts & services to “Speak for them, who can’t speak for themselves.”
God Bless Pakistan!
Victor Simon Peter.
President for Minority Forum – A Christian Development Organization

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