About Us

Minority Forum Christian Development Foundation was established in 1994. The vision behind to launch Minority forum is, “Speak for them, who can’t speak for themselves”.
The Late Dr. Eric Simon Peter (1949-2002), was the founder & President of Minority Forum Christian Development Organization. The team of professionals is working hard to continue the vision & mission of the late president.
From its beginnings, the Minority Forum, has been, that it is better to teach people to fish or raise their own fish than to give them fish to eat. This is what capacity building, is about empowering people to help themselves. Today, our Volunteers continue to build individual capacity and the capacity of organizations and communities. Minority Forum recognized as important player in the formulation, design, and application of development strategies.
We promote pluralism, diversity, and tolerance in society while protecting and strengthening cultural, ethnic, religious, linguistic, and other identities. We support all activities and concerns that make a vibrant civil society by motivating citizens in all aspects of society to act, rather than depend on state power and beneficence.
We are working in the areas of Human Rights, Education, Health, and Child Labour & Peace through Interfaith Harmony. We have established our branch offices in different cities of Pakistan & our volunteers are working with full zeal & zest.

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